about Us

The company has now become a high-tech enterprise integrating outstanding research and development capabilities, large-scale manufacturing and a good brand image, and an equipment manufacturer that provides ODM/JDM/OEM for the global ICT industry.

Company Profile

Company Culture

  • corporate vision

    To be the world's leading ICT equipment supplier,
    provide high-quality, high-performance, high-cost products and services

  • core value

    Customer-centric, open, honest

  • Enterprise spirit

    Pinbo enterprising, never give up, pioneering and innovating, persevering 

  • personnel policy

    Respect for knowledge, respect for employees, work collectively, and keep meritorious employees;
    justice, fairness, and openness; appoint people on their merits, regardless of seniority.

Business philosophy

  • Customer-centric

    Huarong always puts customer needs in the first place, responds quickly to the specific needs of customers, and takes effective solutions. All work will be carried out with customer needs as the leading goal, and the final delivery will be completed with quality and quantity, with customer satisfaction As a program of action, continue to create value for customers.

  • Quality oriented

    Since its establishment, Huarong has put quality in the first place, and quality is the cornerstone and the first life of the company's brand value. Huarong always keeps in mind the motto "If there is no quality, there will be no orders", and implement this concept from the management to the grassroots employees. Insist on excellent product quality to achieve the long-term goal of sustainable development.

  • people oriented

    Employee well-being is the basic element of enterprise development and is essential to the company's sustainable development. Therefore, the company follows the people-oriented principle. Continuously improve remuneration and improve the living conditions of employees. At the same time, we should know how to use people to the best of their ability and focus on the improvement of employees' self-worth, so as to promote the common growth of the company and employees.

  • Innovation and development

    Under the premise of guaranteeing product quality and customer service, Huarong will never rest on its laurels and settle for the status quo, but rather ambitiously, with dedicated patience and perseverance to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. Continuously strengthen product innovation, strengthen the construction of talent team, adapt to the development trend of modern enterprises, and constantly improve internal management, so as to continuously improve comprehensive competitiveness and provide customers with a full range of services.

  • Unity and enterprising

    Both the company's senior managers and grassroots employees should always maintain the spirit of hard work and vigilance, and at the same time establish an overall concept, always focus on the company's overall interests, and establish lofty and pragmatic values. Use a good corporate culture to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force between employees, provide a fair and just competition platform for the growth and promotion of outstanding talents, and provide a guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

  • Operate in accordance with the law

    Huarong promises to strictly abide by national laws and regulations, pay taxes in accordance with the law, fulfill the legal obligations and social responsibilities of the enterprise, and strictly abide by the legal bottom line of operating in accordance with the law.

Social responsibility

Over the years, the company has effectively fulfilled its social responsibilities, being a company with a sense of social responsibility, taking the common interest above all else as the corporate spirit, organically uniting the development of the economy and fulfilling social responsibilities, and taking the corresponding economic, environmental and social responsibilities as a conscious behavior , Regard corporate social responsibility as the basis for improving competitiveness.

  • Corporate Governance

    Adhere to the concept and culture of honest management, strengthen services, and enhance corporate competitiveness to ensure sustainable business operations.

  • customer service

    Customer-centric, understand customer needs, and become a long-term partner of customers.

  • Environmental protection

    Improve the manufacturing process, reduce pollution, increase energy efficiency, and implement energy saving and carbon reduction.

  • Staff care

    Provide complete salary and welfare conditions so that employees can play their strengths in a safe and healthy environment and create corporate value.

  • Social interaction

    Caring for the disadvantaged, committed to social harmony, and fulfilling corporate citizenship responsibilities.